RDL McKelvey

Hi, I’m Rooze. Nice to meet you.

Although if you’re here, chances are we already know each other.

Here’s where I’m spending my time right now (updated 2021-02-03):

  1. Creating posts out of Horrible jokes
  2. Reading, especially kid-lit (YA and Middle-Grade)
  3. Tending my recently planted digital garden
  4. Trying to update my Photography on Lightroom.
  5. Loving on the world’s cutest cats
  6. Reading James Clear for all things related to habits and building a life in stronger alignment with what’s important
  7. Hanging out at Ness Labs for deep thinking on a variety of topics
  8. Pursuing my newfound a fascination with tea, especially this one…
  9. Wearing funny hats
  10. Making lists