• Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Stonecoast, University of Southern Maine
      • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Goddard College, Plainfield VT

Writing Experience

      • Creative writing in poetry, creative-nonfiction, and cross-genre, hybrid, and liminal works.
      • Over 20 years of experience as a business writer, creating newsletters, letters of introduction, blog posts, and proposals for a variety of clients.
      • Over 20 years of experience in creating documentation, from work manuals to step-by-step how-to videos and guides.

Teaching Experience

      • Stonecoast Residency: Presentation — Blurring the Lines: Exploring Liminal Texts. When reading works that blur the lines of genre, at what point does the question of genre enhance the experience/understanding of the work and when does the need to categorize cause us to miss out on meeting the work where it is on the page/screen/wall? What do we do when our seemingly innate need to classify limits our ability to experience a work that does not cohere to generic expectations? And how can we, as writers, expand our own processes to explore those edges in our own work? In this presentation, we explore both theoretical and creative works that speak to these questions and that blur the lines separating prose, verse, texture, image, and video.
      • Goddard College: Presentation — How The Light Gets In, an exploration of trauma writing across genres. What is trauma and how can I approach it as a writer? How have others told their own personal stories? What are some of the ways in which language (and, thus, genre and form) contains, carries and conveys the stories we tell? How does this project — with its focus on trauma writing across multiple forms — function within the theory that the personal is political? This presentation will touch briefly on these questions and will also include a quick look at the website and a reading from the manuscript.
      • CSNW, INC: Managed training department. Developed and conducted variety of courses, from introductory computer classes to advanced technical troubleshooting courses.
      • Writer’s Village University: Co-developed and co-faciliated Non-fiction 138: Delving A Little Deeper Into Nature Writing, a non-fiction online writing course.

Publishing Technology Experience

      • 30 years of experience in desktop publishing, from newsletters to literary journals.
      • Proficient in InDesign, Dreamweaver, Pages, Word, WordPress and a variety of other programs used to create both print and web material.
      • Designed and/or maintain blogs and websites for a variety of clients.

Technical Experience

      • 30 years of Macintosh software, hardware, and network support experience.
      • 20 years of specializing in FileMaker Pro development.
      • Extensive on-site and telephone technical support experience.

Community/Volunteer Work

University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Program

        • Served as a Student Ambassador

Goddard College

        • Served on Interim BFA Program Director Search Committee
        • Facilitated BFA Student Body residency meeting

Local Organizations

        • Soapstone: Volunteer services to develop and support primary database
        • Burnside Review: Updated website with each new issue of the journal
        • Crow Arts Manor: Website Design and Maintenance.

Professional Development

      • BFA and MFA in Creative Writing.
      • Writer’s Dojo: Solstice Breath, a workshop in writing and movement conducted by Kim Stafford and Michael Selin
      • Fred Pryor Seminars: Training the Trainer, a seminar on how to conduct trainings for adult learners


[NOTE: Publications prior to 2012 appear under the name “Yvonne Garcia”]

Text/Text+Image Work


        • Carve, “Alley” — Winter 2008 Cover Photo
        • Guideword: “Antlers” – “Bird in Winter” – “The Replica” – “Reach”
        • Raven Chronicles:“Antlers”
- “Synapses”
- “Life”
        • Schmaps: “Hoyt”
        • Heaven and Earth — Goddard College Student Art Show, 2009
        • Viewfinder Tryptich — Goddard College Student Art Show, 2010

Work History

Founder / Technology Consultant: 1998-Current
Trillium Technology Solutions, LLC (previously Digital Diva LLC)

Founder / Photographer: 2010-Current
CenterPoint Photography

IS/Training Coordinator: 1994-1998
Computer Stores Northwest, Inc.

Assistant Manager/ Store Purchaser / Supplements Manager: 1991-1993
The Granary Natural Foods Market, Inc.

Computer Consultant: 1989-1993
Full Spectrum Health