…What is so terrible about trauma is not abuse itself, no matter the brutality of treatment, but the way terror marks the body and then becomes invisible and inarticulate.

— Annie Rogers, The Unsayable: The Hidden Language of Trauma

roozeMy driving question as an artist is “How can I make the invisible visible and allow language to give form to the inarticulate?”.  As someone who lives predominantly in liminal spaces — in borderlands and hybrid identities — I am drawn to creative works that also occupy those spaces, works that do not fit neatly into the expectations of genre.

The impetus for me is poetry as a process, a way of mining an experience and crafting from it a narrative of sorts, a way of deepening my understanding and awareness of who it is I am. I work within the framework of a project, a concept. Each poem is considered an extension of the others, with the intent to further the narrative or exploration of a specific question or situation.

My work has been published in (em): a Review of Text and Image, American Tanka, Anatomy and Etymology, Cabildo Quarterly, Raven ChroniclesToe Good Poetry, World Haiku, and on the cover of Carve Magazine (Prior to 2013 most awards and publications appear under the name “Yvonne Garcia”). I received my BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and my MFA in Creative Writing from Stonecoast (University of Southern Maine). Currently, I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner and our incredibly spoiled cats, Harry and Pippa. My ongoing exploration of liminal texts can be found at

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