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I developed GenreQueer as part of my MFA studies at Stonecoast, although the seed for it was planted much earlier, during dialogues with my mentors in the BFA program at Goddard. Conversations with Jill Magi, Metta Sama, Jen Hofer, Kazim Ali, and Jeanne Marie Beaumont all contributed to my shifting sense of poetics and the development of an alternative paradigm. The list of creative works that have influenced me continues to grow.

The website itself is also in a constant state of flux. I’ve revised the content many times as my own thoughts have shifted. Even now some of the premise pages could use deeper exploration and fleshing out. And I also hope to add more discussions of individual works on an ongoing basis.

I welcome feedback, discussions, guest posts, really good recipes, and really bad knock-knock jokes. If you want to get involved or send me a note, please do so.

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For more information about my creative work and other musings, please visit RoozeCentral.com.

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